Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Mikko!

Today Mikko is 4!
He has gone from this

4 years old seems so grown up. I remember Finn's 4th birthday very clearly as it was the day we brought Kasper home from the hospital. Finn was so excited to have a new brother and of course a 2 wheeler bike! Mikko, though very different, also seems to be maturing. he's becoming more tolerant of his little brother...

 and today has been practising puzzles on the family ipad. He looked me in the eyes as we sung Happy Birthday at preschool this morning and he called "bye" to his classmates as we left. Though I think it was more of an 'I want to go home now' bye than a 'catch ya later' bye.

Yesterday we rode miniature steam trains at the Manukau Live Steamers club in Mangere. It was an open day for kids with special needs and their families and was so much fun. We even saw Thomas and Rusty!

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