Friday, April 29, 2011

Walking Weather

We did a new walk today. Well, Finn had done it before with his school last term but it was new for the rest of us.

Shakespear Regional Park is at the end of the peninsula that we live on. We did the lookout walk via the waterfall today and it was awesome!

Mikko couldn't keep his eyes off the waterfall

The walk starts out through bush and we saw 2 fat Kereru swooping about.

Mikko throwing leaves in the stream

Then you come out into pastures and walk up fields to the lookout. It's really beautiful.

lucky dad was there when the big boys got tired!

the lookout

We had our snack at the lookout and then watched clouds for a while before trekking back to the car.

Kasper's cute pants are from Spilt Milk, the padded knees are great for our little crawler :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

trains, planes and ...... no wait just trains

Just a short post from me this evening.
We had big plans these school holidays to go on a train ride but the weather hasn't been great so it's just been trains in the lounge.

he may be the smallest but he's already mad on trains like his big brothers

taking over the living room one engine at a time

busy busy boys

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Big day out with the big boy

This afternoon Finn and I had an afternoon out together. I had been meaning to have a special day with him before he started school but it just hadn't happened till today. We went to Rainbow's End which is Auckland's only theme park and is really pretty average to be honest. It only has about 5 decent rides but on the upside it's always almost empty and you can walk straight onto all the rides.

Finn absolutely LOVED it. This is him above super excited about the log flume ride. I thought he'd freak out after the big dip at the end but he just wanted back for more :)

I'm not scared Mummy, really!

It was really nice to spend some one on one time with Finn. He has been acting up a lot lately and I think just feel a lack of attention. Must do it more often!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Hunt

Well we had our hunt a day early this year. It was an impromtu decision based on the perfect weather today and the slightly dodgy forcast for tomorrow.

Last year we had to have the hunt in the barn and it's just not the same so it was great to hunt in the walnut trees today.

Mikko wasn't interested in the hunt as per usual but did have a lot of fun chucking stones around by the barn!

Then they kept hunting long after the last egg had been discovered.

The it was time for a break - hot cross buns and bubbles.

...and a tractor ride to finish the perfect afternoon