Monday, April 18, 2011

fussy eating

A lot of kids are fussy eaters but often with kids who have autism it is in the extreme. I know of one little boy who will only eat rice crackers!

We are fortunate that, while Mikko is fussy, it's more a typical 3 year old fussiness and I tend to be able to get him to eat a reasonably balanced diet.
Fruit and Veges are still tricky but he does happily eat apple, banana, broccoli, peas and potato. I also make him smoothies to try and get a bit more variety into his diet.

I am reading a lot about nature's super foods and trying to get more of them into Mikko whenever I can. He eats a lot of nuts and I am trying to get him to eat foods high in anti-oxidants.

Here are my littlest broccoli eaters :)

Finn is having a couple of nights with Grandma and Grandpa at the walnut farm. He was so excited to be going up and has been talking about it for weeks and weeks. I miss him though :( The house is quiet without him as he is out chatterbox ( no competition there yet!).

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