Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sports Day

Finn had his first school sports day this morning. He wasn't the slightest bit interested in listening to the parent help or following any sort of instructions but did seem to be having a great time!
I watched for the first half whilst chasing after Mikko who can't seem to stay in one place and placating Kasper with snacks. I was pretty worn out by the time we got home!

Mikko update: Mikko has a SLT (speech language therapist) now. She'll mostly be working with his teacher aide (who he gets next term) and me so that we can help him. He seems to be doing well with his words lately.
We seem to be getting somewhere with his constipation also. He is back eating gluten and is soooo much happier and more responsive. He's now drinking oat milk (have I posted about that before?) and some brown rice milk. We are giving him quite a bit of juice with his water so his liquids intake has gone way up.
But for some reason his sleep has truned to custard and he wakes at 2am each morning full of beans and ready to party. - gahhhhh!!!! He does has a slight ear infection though so that could be why. Grommets are still in and clear though :)

Here are the boys eating dinner last night. As you can see Mikko was pretty tired thanks to his 2am partying.

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