Monday, October 8, 2012

Wowee! I'm back!

That was a loooooooong break! After Kasper killed the laptop back in May I only had our ipad to use and I have no idea how to load photos onto it so I took a break from blogging.
Soooooo much has happened since then. First of all the boy's 'Papa Scottish' (Colin's Dad) came to stay. We had such a good time with him. Mikko and Kasper had never met him before (other than skype dates) and Finn just once at 8 months of age so it was a wonderful time for us all.
Other exciting moments in the Gibson household were Finn losing his first tooth (and then his 2nd) and Finn starting Kea Scouts.
Then in August we sold our house in Red Beach. Since Mikko was diagnosed back in 2010 we had been thinking about moving. We fully support inclusive education and felt that for Mikko to have the best shot at it we would like him to attend a smaller school (our local school in Red Beach had almost 700 kids). So our house sold quite quickly and we didn't manage to find a new home in time and so we spent two months renting up in Warkworth. My laptop was fixed by now but we never got an internet connection at the rental house so alas still no blog updates!
But last week we moved into our unperfectly perfect new home. We love it. It's huge which was a must for us. We wanted to have space for everyone as Mikko especially is likely to live with us indefinately. We are close to a great little school (which I will blog about soon, Finn starts there next week) and we are MUCH closer to Colin's work.
It needs a lot of work done, chippy, sparky and plumber friends come help please! but we adore it :)

I will add some photos soon but the laptop is playing up, can you believe it!?!?!?!

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