Monday, July 4, 2011

big communication progress!

Mikko has finally grasped the concept of repeating words! It's not every time and it's not every word but he will no say 'please' and 'ta' and a few others when prompted. I am working on teaching him when to say 'help me' at the moment which will be awesome when he gets it :)

The other day the neighbours were over and when the started playing Mikko rushed to join them :)
The no struggle dinner times are saving my sanity. I am making dinners he likes and not bothering with dishes I know he won't touch and the whole process is much less stressful more me.

Finn's bash to the head is healing up nicely and last week he progressed in school to the 'independant writer' level. We have his first student led conference tomorrow - that's PC talk for parent-teacher interview!

Kasper is just so cute at the moment, pointing and waving at everything. Still not talking much yet but we'll get there.

watching a movie this evening

Thanks for checking in!

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