Thursday, June 23, 2011

the dinner time battle is OVER

I am chucking the towel in so to speak!
Mikko can only sit down to eat dinner for 5-10 minutes and is very very fussy. Actually he likes really basic easy dinners which is one plus. Favourites are fish fingers, lamb chip thingies, broccoli (yes broccoli!), baked potatoes, rice, roast chicken, sausages etc. But when he's done, he's done and no amount of negotiation will convince him to keep going let alone keep sitting with us.
The other evening he left the table and snuck off  to play outside. Big brother snuck off after him and then little brother wailed to join them. I gave in and we ended up having fish fingers outside. It was a bit cold but boys don't really feel the cold do they!

a smile while eating!!!!

Kasper just loves waving this flag

always the poser ;)


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