Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cycling Sunday

Today we went for our first family bike ride. It was such fun and the boys all loved it.
We've been working on a way to go cycling altogether for a couple of months. We ruled out a bike trailer as we wanted to be able to transport the bikes on the car enabling us to cycle different tracks around Auckland. I really REALLY wanted a Scandinavian style cargo bike (okay I still do want one) but we would still have had the problem of transporting it.
So after many hours of trawling webshops and trademe we finally came up with the following solution.
Colin's bike plus weeride on the front for Kasper and a tandem attachment on the back for Finn. My bike plus a seat on the back for Mikko.

And voila! It worked.

You can just see the shadow of Mikko and I in the bottom of the picture. Like millions of mothers worldwide I am always behind the camera!

And I felt guilty yesterday saying that Friday had been a complete write-off as actually something super awesome happened. Finn got a Principal's award for perseverance in learning. He didn't know he was getting it (though I did luckily so had a camera) and he looked so surprised and pleased with himself!
shaking the Principal's hand

I had to get a teacher to hold Kasper and I had Mikko crying on my back but I made it and got the picture - yay me and yay Finn! You make me proud every single day!

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