Saturday, June 11, 2011

a long week

It's been a long week. Mikko's been up and down and his brothers have joined him. Last weekend Kasper had bronchialitis and possibly pneumonia so he has been on a barrage of drugs to get him back on track. He's also teething which doesn't help but we are very lucky that throughout it all he continues to sleep 11 hours a night.

I lost Mikko after school on Tuesday. I stopped to talk to another Mum (actually a Grandmum) and he and Finn dashed off to play while we chatted. Suddenly I couldn't see him. I had that awful sinking feeling of panic as I ran around the playground. I ran to the school office and asked for help. The woman there said she'd put a message on the loudspeaker asking him to come to the office and I ended up half in tears explaining that he has autism and wouldn't understand. Anyway, we found him chucking bark down the drain by Finn's old classroom almost right behind where I was when I lost him and he was happy as larry!
The random bursting into tears thing when explaining about Mikko is getting to be my signature move and is rather embarrassing. So far those subjected to it have been my GP, the plunket nurse, Finn's teacher and now the lady on reception at Finn's school. I found this article the other day read it, it's great! so at least I know I'm not alone and true to form I cried while reading it!

Finn has a developmental assessment this month and Kasper is being referred for one too. Finn's isn't worrying me too much but I do wonder if perhaps he has dyspraxia as he is still really struggling with his fine motor skills and spatial awareness but am quite prepared (and hoping!!!) to be wrong.

Kasper concerns me more. Even though I posted just a week or so ago that Kasper was "coming along nicely" he has since had his 15 month plunket check and now I am less certain. I was also reading Finn's plunket book and realised that at the same age he had 15 or more words. Kasper can say mama now but doesn't tend to make many (or hardly any) consonant sounds and doesn't really copy noises yet.
Still, he could just be a late starter but given Mikko's diagnosis we will more than likely get a referral for speech language therapy. Which is good I guess - good to get in early, but a worrying time for us.

Friday I was just about over it and at lunchtime I strapped Mikko and Kas in the car and we went for a drive thru McDonalds which we ate in the car. Well actually Mikko fell asleep but Kasper and I enjoyed Maccas in the storm parked down at the beach. I felt much better for it.

can you see him in the mirror?

too tuckered out for tucker

ssshh don't tell Colin!

Anyway, chin up and all that. If you know me personally and are reading please don't worry (I am thinking of you here Nadia!) as I writing this happily from our couch with a movie on, chocolate and a cold beer and happily looking forward to going for a family bike ride tomorrow :)

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