Monday, May 30, 2011

Comfort in Kasper

Kasper is almost 15 months and just ticking along nicely thank you very much.

As part of the early bird autism course that Colin and I are doing, the facilitators come to our home and make videos of us interacting with Mikko. Last week they filmed us playing 'people games' (games without props) with him and talked about really connecting with him and about how people with Autism don't seek feedback or response as much as typical people.

We are really noticing at the moment that Kasper seeks feedback and interaction from us at any and every opportunity and I take great comfort in that. Not just because it means that he is less likely to have ASD but also because I am recalling that Mikko definitely didn't act like Kasper at the same age. Mikko was happy and smiley and did a variety of activities and met a variety of milestones so at the time I never suspected a thing but he really didn't seek any response from us nor was he especially interested in what we were doing. I'd sort of forgotten about it all in 'baby brain fade' and had really been feeling like Mikko *had* been typical and maybe I had somehow done something or not done enough for him somewhere along the line. Maybe it really shouldn't matter but for me it is a big thing.

I hope that doesn't sound like I am disappointed in anyway about Mikko and his development, it's just hard to see him struggle at times and it will be awesome if Kasper doesn't have to. They are alike in their huge grins, loud giggles and the joy they give to me everyday.

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