Tuesday, May 17, 2011

rambling and a progress report

Today was Mikko's IP (individual plan) meeting, involving myself, Mikko's early intervention teacher, his SLT (speech language therapist) and one of his preschool teachers. I love these meetings. They all tell me how wonderful he is doing and that he is right on track. I leave with a huge sense of relief as I am assured he is going to be "high functioning". This usually lasts until he throws a major tantrum complete with scratching and head banging and then I doubt everyone I panic that he is going to be anything but high functioning. Today was great though and I am still on a post IP meeting high. Even the dreaded 3pm school pick up went smoothly and without a hitch today and my 3 wonderful boys have been just that.

Mikko really is doing great though. He is using the words he knows and gaining new ones. He is babbling like a wee loon in 'Mikko-talk' too which is so cute. Basically in terms of his communication he is like a 2 year old and so I guess tantrums are par for the course and will hopefully reduce over the next couple of years.

Colin and I are doing the earlybird course at the moment. Well we had the first session last week and I couldn't go so it was just Colin. We have the 2nd session tomorrow and my Mum is coming over to look after Mikko and Kasper so that Colin and I can both attend. I think it's every Wednesday for 8 weeks so quite full-on but it's supposed to be a great resource for dealing with preschoolers on the spectrum so wish us luck!

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