Sunday, May 8, 2011

just hangin'

We have just been hangin' around home lately but having a lot of fun doing it.
Finn has his first week back at school. He's gone into a new classroom and is doing really well. Tonight when I tucked him in bed and told him it was a school day tomorrow he squealed "yessssssss!" - it's so cool that he enjoys it so much.
He's doing really, really well at reading. Fine motor skills (writing, cutting etc) are really tricky for him so I am trying to get him to do things like duplo blocks (see pic), hammering, colouring etc to help.
Today we went to a toy store to look at some 'educational toys'. Things that would help Finn with fine motor skills and Mikko with speech. It was fun! We normally don't buy the kids any toys aside from birthdays and Christmas so I relished the excuse!
We ended up getting a sound/talking puzzle, a building set with little hammer and some schleich animals but I want to also get some threadind beads,a fishing game and more duplo :)

making fenced for the new Schleich animals

Building with Dad in the 'workshop'

Kasper watching the builders and listening to Bob the Builder

Mikko's been back at preschool and enjoying it - yay!!!!  He's had some great days this week and some real shockers. I feel like overall he's getting much more into communicating with us but worse in terms of tantrums :-/  Ah well - we'll get there :)

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