Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Big 1.0 for Master Kasper

One today - wow that went fast. A little too fast for my liking actually!
Here are 12 photos, one for each month we have had you so far.

You are such a lovely boy Kasper and so easy for Mummy you have completed our family just perfectly.
We Love you!

He is having his big party on Saturday - he's sharing his party with Finn, who is turning 5 :)
Finn had his last day at preschool today (sob sob!).
He loves it there. I'm a little nervous at how he is going to go at school. I guess it's 'cos he is my first and I have never done the school thing yet so it is all new. He has had 4 school visits with the final result that he is not that keen on it at all - hahaha. He does approve of the playground though.

With his buddies

Showing everyone his Preschool book

me and my boys (mikko is very busy!)


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