Monday, March 14, 2011

off to school! and new words :)

Finn had his first day at school today. He is now a proud member of room 7 at Red Beach School and pleased to be cloakroom monitor for the week!

Initially he wasn't too thrilled about going off to school this morning but once he got his uniform on he looked so excited and pleased.

Mikko can say about 50 single words now. Some are not very clear and some not used very often. Other are very clear and used daily. 'Thomas' as in the tank engine is a word he has used for a while but it used to be "To" then "Tommmm" and for a long time was "Tommy" but after last weeks visit to Glenbrook Railway we have now got a very clear "Thomas".  Check it out!

PS He is a bit grumpy as he is asking for the "Thomas" DVD and Mummy won't let him watch

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