Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Smoothies are good for your skin right?

I was going to give this post the title "look what happened when Mikko sneezed!" but I thought it might freak you all out!
So yeah, it's not snot, it's smoothie. I made Mikko a smoothie with feijoas, rice milk, chlorella and probiotics then I made the mistake of leaving him alone to drink it - d'oh! At least he was outside hahaha.

We have had a lovely couple of days with great weather and Mikko, Kasper and I have been out walking and enjoying the parks and beaches around our neighbourhood.

I actually really miss having Finn with us during the day :( He is enjoying school though and I think the adjustment is harder for me! He has his first school outing on Friday - a walkathon to raise money for the special needs unit at the school. Unfortunately I won't be going as parent help as I am not so much help whilst running around after Mikko and Kasper but I might go surprise him and pick him up.

In other news, I have a speech language therapist coming to visit me tomorrow and she will be visiting him at preschool next week. He also gets a teacher aide starting next term :)

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  1. Beautiful family! Greetings from Loveland, Ohio, USA