Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Days

Mikko has been doing really well lately.
Today when I dropped him off at preschool he was slightly less upset and when I picked him up his teachers told me how happy and 'chatty' he'd been. Chatty with gobbledy gook but still!
I recently changed his diet a bit more. This time we have started having gluten again but in small amounts only. He has been so contipated and I think it is partly because of all the corn thins and rice crackers. So we have cut out corn thins, started on brown rice cracker (which contain some wheat) instead of white, and cut make on his soy milk. I have been sneaking prune juice and kiwi juice into his water or vege juice too and it all seems to be working :)
Just check out how happy he looks!

Yesterday we went out for a bus ride and walk and got 2 new words! Dog and Rain - yay Mikko!

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